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3 Ways Your Defeating Your Own Training

ou train endlessly!  You shoot when its hot out, you shoot when it rains, and even when you get tired of the snow in the winter you shovel your driveway just to have a place to get buckets and dream.  But why in the hell are you not getting any better?  Sure you make more shots here and there, other days you miss everything, but more importantly you still get the same number of minutes when the season comes around.  As a player, your basketball training isn’t working for you.  As a young player I was just like you.  I found the same frustrations and had zero reason as to why I was not improving or becoming the player I dreamt of.  It took most of my high school and college career as a basketball player to understand what was holding me back.  It was how I was training, what I focused on while training, and my need to train outside the basketball court.

Its time to concentration on the ONLY things that will get you a basketball scholarship guaranteed and ignore all the noise confusing young basketball players.  Learning the newest combination dribble or mastering all 10 zillion types of step-back 3’s will NOT prepare you for the next level or help coaches at any level notice how valuable you are to their team.

The main transformation that we are after is taking young players and transforming them into fundamentally sound scoring machines that every coach would kill to have on their teams.  The first step for young players, regardless of his or her current talent level, to make this transformation is to first recognize that the current way you work on and perfect your game does NOT work.  How do I know this?  I know this because I was once you, I spent many hours shooting in the yard and copying moves from NBA players.  I had no real focus in my basketball training, no structure to my workouts, and no idea what areas of training were needed to dominate my competition and earn a full ride.

It is because of my experiences that I am able to let you in on the 3 reasons why your current training will fall short of achieving your basketball goals.  I was unfortunate enough to learn these lessons through years of sweat and failure.

  1. Basketball Training Has No Structure: Most of the time the players I see and have worked with think that just spending time shooting at the gym, park, or driveway is enough to improve shooting percentages and score more in games.   Problem is just shooting and training without a plan or structure can actually make you worse than if you never worked out at all.  Sounds crazy I know, but its the truth!  Practicing shooting without proper warm-ups and form can lead to bad habits that make your shot less accurate.  Practicing without purpose and going through the motions when you train sets you back as it doesn’t prepare you for the skills you need to be successful in games or impress coaches.
  2. Basketball Training Focus is Wrong:  For those that fell in love with the game of basketball at a young age, we all found out one very special reason why our sport was better than the others.  That reason was basketball is one of the only sports you can train a full range of skills all-by-yourself.  Try to throw yourself a football, or pitch yourself a baseball and you will know what I’m talking about.  All a basketball player needs to develop his skill and each his dream is himself, a hoop, and his or her basketball.  This gives all developing players a changes to training their skills, but it doesn’t give all players the chance to focus their time on the skills that are most important.
  3. Developing Basketball Skills Alone:  As a young player I was very stubborn in resisting any type of athletic training outside of basketball drills.  I was that skinny, lanky kid that thought he could out-quick and out-jump anyone just because I was the king of my elementary school yard.  It wasn’t until I ran into Division 1 talent outside my hometown that I realize that the greatest gap between a full ride scholarship and me, was strength, quickness, and jumping ability.

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