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You probably don’t know it, but the way in which you prepare to become a good basektball player is actually making you worse, rather than better.  I don’t say this to bring you down, actually I’m tell you this because I know you can be better.  Heck, you can be the best, regardless of how much talent you have, how tall you are, or how high you can jump at the moment.

So what are these things that you are doing that are keeping you from becoming the great basketball player you are capable of becoming?  Well, first you need to understand that it’s not your fault for getting in your own way.  I’m serious, it is NOT your fault.  Most young basketball players have no idea what skills to concentration on and what ways they need to train in order to master those skills.

Before I tell you the 3 ways you are screwing up your own training and literally holding yourself back in the development process, I wanted to tell you a how I found out that I was training all wrong and was shooting myself in the foot each day I played the game for 2-3 hours a day.  It wasn’t till I spend time in the larger cities of the pacific northwest playing against top talent that I realized what true basketball training was.  You see I used to go out and try to make 100 shots a day from various spots on the court and work on a handful of dribbling drills and combo moves and though this was training to develop basketball skills.  I realized I was wrong when I found player, sometimes younger than me, far more skilled mainly because they were trained by personal basketball trainers.

  • Dedicated practicing and not structured basketball training
  • Training with the Focus