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Basketball Playbook for Guaranteed Success at Tryouts!

Learn the Basketball Tips that are Key to Making Any Team

Uncover the Skills Coaches are Looking for on their Middle and High School Teams

Essentials Skills to Use at Tryouts

  • Know EXACTLY what coaches are looking for in EVERY basketball tryout!
  • Learn the 5 Secrets that Coaches love to see in middle and high school players
  • Discover skills tips you can master before tryouts that impress coaches and make you stand out!!!

Will Your Child Make the Team Next Year???

This Playbook Will Ensure Success at ANY Basketball Tryout

Uncover the Skills Coaches are Looking for on their Middle and High School Teams


Focus on basketball skills coaches need in order to win basketball games

With 25 Years of Basketball Coaching and Personal Training, as well as playing experience in high school and college, Coach Palmer explains in detail HOW TO MAKE YOUR TEAM!!!

Players wanting to make their middle and high school basketball teams are focusing on the WRONG skills and techniques during tryouts! Coaches want players that do more than score the ball, they want players who can rebound, defend, take care of the basketball, and are coachable!!! Most young players think making a bunch of 3s, braking opponent’s ankles, and doing the latest finish move at the basket will earn them a spot on the team. Time to focus on what your COACH wants, get the Tryout Playbook to learn how.

  • Learn why coaches look for more than players that can score, and what other skills matter
  • Discover why coaches want players that develop skills that make TEAMS better
  • Learn 5 basketball techniques players can use in tryouts WITHOUT training a skill
  • Know exactly what simple basketball skills to focus on and develop in days and weeks leading up to tryouts!
  • Understand the attitude and mental mindset coaching are looking for in their players

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Master the Skills Coaches Want Players to Have

Get access to specific basketball instruction and drills that successfully prepare you to make your team during tryouts

“cOACHES AREn’t only wanting scorers, THEY WANT PLAYERS WHO DEFEND, REBOUND, take care of the ball, AND ARE COACHABLE!”
“Our playbook goes beyond teaching proper scoring techniques, and includes instruction on better ball handling, creating space, and finishing techniques, all skills coaches watch for closely during basketball tryouts!  “


The basketball players playbook bundle includes 24 page layout of essential skills players need to have in their bags in tryouts along with access the entire 45min Playbook Mini-Course.
  • MINI-COURSE VIDEO CONTENT FOR: Improving your shooting range and shooting percentage in days leading up to tryouts!
  • 7 TRYOUT TRICKS TO USE THAT DON’T REQUIRE HOURS OF TRAININGDetailed areas of focus in Playbook and QR Code linked videos to complete explanation!
  • 5 SKILLS THAT CAN BE MASTERED IN DAYS LEADING UP TO TRYOUTSSkill instruction along with QR Code linked Videos for drills and tips!
  • MINI-COURSE VIDEOS FOR BALL HANDLING AND CONTROL: Video instruction includes drills and dribbling concepts for developing a better handle and how to attack opponents off the dribble!
  • VIDEO INSTRUCTION ON DRIBBLE ATTACK MOVES AND CREATING SPACE: Mini-Course instruction and drills on how to create space in order to dribble attack opponents and tricks to finishing while attacking the basket!